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Sunday 18.February 2018

Guruge Properties

Prime locations for your home or business

Guruge Properties

Innovative designs tailored for your needs

Special offers, discounts and bank loan facilities for Full paying customers

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Company Profile

Guruge Property Sales (Pvt) Ltd is one of the leading property development and real estate agents in SriLanka. Founded in 1980, Guruge Property Sales (Pvt) Ltd offers a wide variety of services to its clientele, ranging from property sales to construction of commercial and residential buildings. With its combination of efficient property management and easy payment facilities, if you are looking for a property to invest in or live in then you have found the ideal company for the job.

Chairman's Statement

With over Three decades of experience in the Sri Lankan real estate market, Guruge Property Sales (Pvt) Ltd plans to be a major contributor to the country’s development by becoming the most preferred specialty Real Estate Provider in Sri Lanka through a combination of professional work ethic and excellent customer service, together with innovative designs of Housing and developments of Lands.

Dr. Danawardhana Guruge,
Chairman - Guruge Group of Companies

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